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Pease and Associates is well versed in helping you achieve your goals in all things real estate and development. Our expertise includes due diligence, pre-development, consulting, project strategy and management, sustainability prognosis, move logistics, and lender representation. Our capabilities encompass every aspect of a real estate and development project, from pre-planning and design to construction and closeout. We offer a full range of services in each of these areas, including high-level consulting and planning, and more tactical construction oversight and administration activities. We’re able to partner with clients through every phase of a project, providing greater visibility, accountability, and control.


Truth is Pease and Associates is offers more than 30 years of experience in all things real estate and development. Investment, architecture, engineering, construction administration, property management is our focus. From the big picture to the smallest of details, we have the right team to assure success on every project we take on. We strongly believe collaboration is key, between the client and our team. Our approach speaks for itself in the history of success that is second to none.




Our expertise is merging our substantial resources in the projects we are fortunate enough to be part of. Pease and Associates understands that real estate and development today is highly complex. We bring our complete technical and financial knowledge to minimize obstacles and to maximize the achievement of the projects to successful completion.




Pease and Associates not only brings a proven workflow, we also come at every project with fresh ideas and perspectives. We understand no two projects are the same, we pride ourselves in being flexible in all aspects of each project. We feel that to succeed, every member of the process must feel invested and heard. We build mutual respect by building relationships with the client, designers, construction crew and others. The input from all members of the process allows for strong planning and solid execution of each project. 




Pease and Associates regards preparation as a defining attribute of successful end results. We are experts at preliminary analysis, getting to know our clients and their ambitions for each project. Reviewing industry best practices, strategies and trends is standard. You can count on us to conduct thoughtful research prior to every project. We do this to assure management of costs and to assure the most comprehensive project administration.





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